UPDATE: The House Health & Welfare Committee voluntarily deferred (this means they can be brought back up) bills for Medicaid work requirements and out-of-pocket costs on Thursday, 2/22.

At this time, House Bill 3 by Rep. Hoffmann, which imposes work requirements on people who have Medicaid, has been scheduled for a second committee hearing on Sunday, February 25 at 2 p.m. The out-of-pocket costs bills have not be rescheduled. 

Medicaid work requirements and out-of-pocket costs are two reforms being proposed by House GOP leadership during the 2018 special session that have the potential to damage access to health care in our state. Learn more about these proposals and take action today. 

Work Requirements

President Donald Trump’s administration announced in January 2018 that states would be allowed to impose work requirements as a condition of receiving Medicaid health coverage. Gov. John Bel Edwards said his administration is “actively working” on a proposal to connect adult Medicaid recipients with work or job-training opportunities, and multiple bills have been filed by members of the legislature to impose these requirements. While the idea of a work requirement may sound good to some, the reality is that it would take away health coverage, create more red tape and make it harder for many people who want to work to find employment.

Out-of-pocket Costs

Additionally, Republican leaders in the state House of Representatives are seeking to add out-of-pocket costs to Louisiana’s Medicaid program as a condition of agreeing to replace some revenue from expiring taxes. While it may seem sensible at first blush to require small copays or premiums from Medicaid recipients, an abundance of research shows that these payments don’t create significant savings, and even the smallest out-of-pocket costs are associated with reduced use of care, including necessary services. Still, Governor John Bel Edwards included “a copayment requirement under the Medicaid program” in his list of what may be considered during the special legislative session, and multiple bills have been filed to impose these costs on Medicaid patients. 

Now, take action to preserve health care access for Louisianans:

We need you to contact the members of this committee and ask them to vote NO on Medicaid work requirements. Call and email the members today. You can find their contact information here.

When calling and emailing their offices, all you have to say is:

"Hi, my name is ___________ and I am calling to express my opposition to House Bill 3 by Representative Hoffman, which creates work requirements for Medicaid patients." 

Be polite but firm. In your email, you might want to add reasons for your opposition to the bills. Below are some sample reasons you might choose to include.

Just a few reasons to oppose Medicaid work requirements:

  • The vast majority (76 percent) of Louisiana’s Medicaid expansion enrollees are already working, caring for family members, or in school.
  • A Medicaid work requirement could threaten coverage for some people with disabilities
  • Medicaid already supports work. Three-quarters of beneficiaries in Ohio who received coverage through Medicaid expansion and who were looking for work reported that Medicaid made it easier to do so.
  • Work requirements could create a costly administrative burden for the state that could jeopardize coverage for those who are working or who may be exempt from work requirements.
  • A work requirement in Medicaid would drive up costs of health care for the state, providers, and all health care consumers.

Awesome, thanks for taking action!

Help us keep the momentum going. Use your right click button on the mouse to download these graphics on Medicaid work requirements. Post them to your Facebook with a link to this page and ask your friends to take action too. Together, we really can make a difference.