Boost wages through state and local policies that support working families’ economic security and well-being, including raising the minimum wage, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and ending state pre-emption of local labor policies.

Improve working conditions by enacting fair scheduling policies and by guaranteeing every worker can earn paid family and medical leave and paid sick time.

Sustain and expand criminal justice reforms to reduce the number of incarcerated adults and youth and support recidivism-reduction and reentry programs for  former offenders.

Protect safety net programs that ensure food security, affordable housing, and access to quality health care, including mental health and substance abuse, for vulnerable Louisianans.

Promote economic security by increasing access to financial education and protecting consumers from predatory lenders.

Invest in early childhood education so parents can return to work and contribute to household earnings, and to ensure that all of Louisiana’s children can pursue their dreams.

Ensure adequate and equitable funding for K-12 schools and higher education that prepares students for 21st century jobs and removes barriers that prevent hard-working students from attending college because of their families’ limited resources.

Secure our democracy by enacting fair districts, easing access to the ballot box and eliminating barriers to participation.

Safeguard basic human and civil rights by supporting policies that promote non-discrimination and equity for all people and families.

Focus economic development strategies to produce more home-grown entrepreneurs and provide incentives to employers to offer jobs and skill-building opportunities to people with barriers to employment.

Ensure the state’s tax system raises adequate revenue for the state to provide high-quality services to its residents and reduces inequality by ending costly tax exemptions and increasing Louisiana’s working tax credits.

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