Take action to avoid the fiscal cliff!

Louisiana is facing a $1.1 billion budget shortfall in 2018 - a “fiscal cliff” which could hurt public schools, universities, public safety and health care programs that are important for a thriving economy. Unlike earlier budget crises, which were caused in part by downturns in the state economy, this latest problem is mostly self-inflicted. Learn more about the fiscal cliff before you take action here. 

Okay, ready to take action now? The legislature has had several opportunities to enact long-term tax reform and avert the cliff in the past two years. We need to amp up the pressure, so they know that Louisianans take the legislature's responsibilities seriously, and demand that they step up with solutions.

Sign the petition today: 

Some suggested themes for your comments are 1) why tax reform is important to you or your family, 2) which publicly-funded services (health care, TOPS, state roads, etc) you rely upon and why they need reinvestment, or 3) your vision for the future of the state. 

Next, follow up with a phone call:

It's easier than it sounds. You can find your representatives' and senators' contact information here. Their names are the first two listed when you enter your voting address into the form. Click on their names to be brought to a page with their contact information. All you have to say is, "Hi, my name is _____________ and I live in ___________, Louisiana. I'm calling to ask Rep. / Sen. ____________ to be a part of the solution to our state's budget shortfall. I'm tired of the cycle of midyear cuts, budget shortfalls and special sessions. I would like [him/her] to work together with [his/her] colleagues and the Administration to enact real, sustainable tax reform and avert the fiscal cliff. Thank you for your time." 

Finally, contact the House Ways & Means Committee:

The House Committee on Ways & Means is the critical first stop for all revenue bills. The members of that committee will be hearing from the public and our state agencies this upcoming week and are expected to take action on revenue soon. Please ask them to pass all revenue bills onto the House floor for consideration. Contact those members via phone or email and ask them to vote YES on revenue bills: