The version of the budget passed by the House of Representatives cuts $19.5 million in state general funds from the Department of Children and Family Services, which would force Louisiana to draw down less federal funding and amount to a total cut of $70 million. The potential result would be dozens of layoffs and substantially reduced protection services for children in foster care and families in need. 

Louisiana Department of Health also faces substantial cuts in the House budget: $235 million in state funding and a total cut between $720 million and $950 million. This would be a devastating, entirely unsustainable cut to the LDH budget and require substantial reductions in critical health care services, including:

  • the elimination of coverage of prescription medication for adults enrolled in Medicaid; 
  • the elimination of over 120 in-patient psychiatric beds
  • the elimination of Zika prevention, monitoring, and possibly even response to a Zika outbreak in Louisiana; 
  • the elimination of local, school-based health centers; and
  • the elimination of contracts for services like Families Helping Families, which would directly affect those in the developmental disability community.

On Saturday, May 27, the Senate Finance committee will hear public testimony on the budget. Next week, they'll debate amendments and pass it on to the Senate floor. They need to hear from you before it gets there.


Contact these key legislators on the Senate Finance  Committee:

Sample Script:

"Hi, my name is ______________ and I live/work in ___________, Louisiana. I'm calling/emailing to ask Senator. _________ to say NO to the stand-still budget and YES to Louisiana families and the critical state services and programs we rely on. Thank you for your time."

Senator Eric LaFleur 
(337) 363-5019

Senator R.L. "Bret" Allain, II 
(337) 828-9107

Senator Conrad Appel
(504) 838-5550

Senator Regina Barrow
(225) 359-9400

Senator Gregory Tarver
(318) 227-1499


Senator Wesley Bishop
(504) 242-4198

Senator Jack Donahue
(985) 727-7949

Senator Jim Fannin
(318) 259-6620

Senator Sharon Hewitt
(985) 646-6490 Slidell
(504) 278-6530 Chalmette

Senator Ronnie Johns
(337) 491-2016


Senator Bodi White
(225) 272-1324

Senator Norby Chabert 
(985) 858-2927

Senator Blade Morrish
(337) 824-3979

Senator Francis Thompson 
(318) 878-9408

Senator Mike Walsworth
(318) 340-6453


Share your story with us. Why is tax reform important to you? It can be as simple as a road in your town that's gone without repairs due to the lack of infrastructure funding or as serious as a health care condition that you rely on your local hospital or health care clinic to address. All of us stand to benefit from an adequately funded state budget in some way. All of us stand to lose big if we don't reform our tax structure. We want to know your story, so we can share it with policymakers who are accountable to you. 

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