Hundreds of employees at University Hospital and Clinics in Lafayette have received notices that their employment will be terminated on June 30. 

These notices are required by federal law, which says that 60 days before a mass layoff, an employer must send notices out to the employees. This situation was created by the legislature's inaction on the $1.1 billion shortfall, due mostly to expiring taxes, which will result in massive cuts to the public-partnership hospitals if it goes unfixed.

The legislature is considering going into a second special session. This session is critical because raising revenue is the only way to stop the hospital closures, layoffs and evictions when temporary taxes expire at midnight on July 1. 

The compressed timeline raises the stakes, since legislators will have even less time than usual to evaluate bills about complex fiscal matters. That's why your voice is more important than ever right now. We need your help to make sure the legislature hears the regular Louisianans who are going to be impacted by these cuts.

Louisiana Department of Health is preparing to send notifications to 37,000 elderly people and people with disabilities this week that they will lose Medicaid benefits after July 1, including 17,000 elderly Louisianans who face eviction from their nursing homes.

We’re asking you to contact your legislator and make your voice heard in the lawmaking process. We know that for beginners, calling elected officials can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! That's why we've created this legislative tool box, so you can learn more about the process and get comfortable contacting your elected representatives.

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